Odette Cruz
Odette Cruz


HOME: Behind the mic and fronting pOny

AGE: Younger than your mom

PROFESSION: Rock Siren, inter-dimensional instigator

HOBBIES: Telling You All About It, violating the Prime Directive

LAST BOOK READ: I’m Okay, You Suck

LAST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Hijacking a space/timeship from my future self (You kinda had to be there.)

QUOTE: “Shut up and take off your pants.”

Nina Lee


HOME: The Deep, Deep South (of Houston St.)

AGE: A lady never tells, sugar!

PROFESSION: Ellie May Clampett meets Suzie Quatro with a dash of Ann Margrock

HOBBIES: Making deposits to your spank bank

LAST BOOK READ: That issue of Cosmo with the sex quiz (I got an A)

LAST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Making Evan Dando cry like a disgraced televangelist.

QUOTE: “Yall ain’t the police, right?”

Pauline Tharpe


HOME: Yeah, like I’d give you my address

AGE: Black Don’t Crack

PROFESSION: Vice President of Making Your Ears Bleed, NYC Division

HOBBIES: Shredding, Thrashing, Thinking Rationally

LAST BOOK READ: Interdimensional Travel and the Space/Time Continuum: A Paradox of Logic (Paperback Edition)

LAST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Explaining rhythm guitar to a giant sentient jellyfish

QUOTE: “I said, it’s not loud enough!”

Yoshiko Yamano


HOME: Wherever I lay my hat (and you.)

AGE: Old enough to kick your ass, bitch

PROFESSION: I get paid to bash the skins but I’ll bash your stupid face for free

HOBBIES: Tattoos, fisticuffs, scissoring

LAST BOOK READ: “Her Raging Needs” by Kay Johnson. Fucking riveting.

LAST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Getting My Raging Needs met




HOME: Currently in the T.W.A.T. (Trans-dimensional Wormhole Amplifying Transport, you perv.) Think “Tour Bus meets Tardis” but with a lot more feminine hygiene products.

AGE: Coughed up by the East Village in 1989.

PROFESSION: Musicians, rousers of rabble.

HOBBIES: Meeting alien cultures, corrupting alien cultures

LAST BOOK READ: “Your T.W.A.T. and You: A Manual” By K.E.V.I.N.

LAST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Playing a gig in 16th-century England. We blew their wimples off!

QUOTE: “That’s really not our problem, man.”


HOME: I am a self-contained mobile artificial life form impervious to external environmental factors and without human emotional attachments, so this category is irrelevant.

AGE: I will be manufactured in the future, so technically my age is currently a negative integer.

PROFESSION: As K.E.V.I.N. (which is an acronym) my primary function is to lessen the destructive impact of the musical combo pOny on the multiverse. This usually translates to procuring performance opportunities and satisfying their childlike need for instant gratification, which causes my “morality chip” to overload often.

HOBBIES: I rarely have time for frivolities. I do like gardening, when the opportunity presents itself.

LAST BOOK READ: Blurgs are from Rigel VII, Mgrzkls are from Talos Alpha 2

LAST ACCOMPLISHMENT:Preventing the uncalculated extinguishment of the Earth’s history by an inebriated, wrathful sapphic.”

QUOTE: “Ladies, please don’t touch that.”


HOME: Everywhere and everywhen.

AGE: The newest model.

PROFESSION: As the Trans-dimensional Wormhole Amplifying Transport, I travel through space and time like it was nothing. Part tour bus, part Tardis. Also sentient, which is how I’m filling out this profile.

HOBBIES: How can a ship have a hobby? Who came up with these questions?

LAST BOOK READ: Absorbed a digital copy of 50 Shades of Grey. Utter crap.

LAST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Met myself in a particularly complex time/space/dimension jump. It was cosmic.

QUOTE: “Do not flush feminine products down the toilet.”

About pOny

But pOny is more than a band! It’s an independent show in development about an all-girl rock band from the 90’s that reunites in the present to steal a dimension-hopping time/space ship from their future selves so they can wreak lady-havoc across the multiverse while a shadowy organization closes in on them (you know, THAT old story). It also features original music based in the 90’s pOny sound that crosses genres as they cross the multiverse! Think Josie and the Pussycats meets Dr. Who meets Absolutely Fabulous in a gutter on the Bowery.

Join the ladies of pOny (People Of New York) as they play gigs in other dimensions and alternate timelines, have adventures against their will and wreak lady-havoc across the multiverse. The show features original music inspired by their 90s heyday crossing genres as they cross the multiverse and lots of flashbacks to a New York City of yore when things were dirtier, creepier and a lot more fun. Josie and the Pussycats, Dr. Who and Absolutely Fabulous walk into an East Village bar?and a groundbreaking new show is born. pOny is for geeks, freaks, rockers, nerds, burnouts, fanboys, feminists, punks, drunks, lunks and grown-ups of all genders. Join them as they boldly go where no cartoon has ever gone before!

We know YOU would LOVE to see a show like this! So help us find a place to land our T.W.A.T on screen near you! Sign up for our newsletter! Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter and Pinetrest! More cool stuff to come!

Ruby Lawrence is the creator, producer, lyric writer and voice of “Odette”. If your interested in more pOny info contact her at radiofreeruby@gmail.com.


Posted on October 3rd, 2013

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