Odette’s Halloween Tune

Posted on October 31st, 2013

Here’s a little Halloween song I wrote to the tune of “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music

Hookers and witches and guys in drag
Little kids that throw up in candy bags
Ghouls and goblins with booze on their breath
This is the best Halloween yet!

Parades and parties and drunk people crying
Strapped in tight costumes make you feel like you’re dying
Having costumed sex with strangers in bars
This is the best Halloween by far!

When you dress up
And get messed up
Don’t you have a regret

Just simply remember it’s Halloween
And feel lucky you’re not dead yet!

Happy Halloween everyone!



Big news! pOny has gotten the rights back to their killer hit ‘Tell Me’ and are re-releasing this track for free download.

Posted on October 8th, 2013

Wait? Who the hell is pOny, and are they a real band? Well, they are a ‘real’ band of talented pros in the music and entertainment industry.

ponyHere’s the rundown… pOny is an animated show in development about an all-girl rock band from the 90’s that reunites in the present to steal a dimension-hoping time/space ship from their future selves so they can weak lady-havoc across the multiverse while a shadowy organization closes in on them. You know, that old story. It also features original music based in the 90’s pOny sound that crosses genres as they cross the multiverse! Think Josie and the Pussycats meets Dr. Who meets Absolutely Fabulous in a gutter on the Bowery.. This edgy, raunchy, and delightful program is still in the works, and this is the first music release we’re offering this track on the brand spankin new pOny website. The story goes: they made some bad business decisions back in the 80s and 90s and signed away their rights to all of their music. Now, with the help of a few good friends, they have regained the rights to their music and are offering these tracks to their fans online starting with Tell Me.

Here’s the track we’re offering for free download:
Title: TELL ME
Performed by: pOny
Vocals: Ruby Lawrence
All instruments: Dean Rispler
Drums: Chris Orlando
Music by Dean Rispler
Lyrics by Ruby Lawrence
Produced by Dean Rispler
Engineered by Jesse Cannon at Cannon Found Soundation Recording Studios

This rockin’ catchy tune beckons back to a time when the early 90s in NYC was bumpin with righteous girl bands, killer small music venues and a vibe that can never be reduplicated.. well, until this team of brilliant entertainment pros got together and decided to create pOny!
Tell me all about the Original Music of pOny

Dean Rispler is the founder and CEO of Drug Front Records and Ruby Lawrence’s (pOny’s creator) songwriting partner. Drug Front Records counts The Bamboo Kids, The Naked Heroes and Cudzoo & the Fagettes among many others as label mates. Dean has produced many artists such as The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black (which he also played bass), The Candy Snatchers, Dash Dip Rock and The Wives. He also played bass for Murphy’s Law and The Dictators. He currently tours with Manitoba.

Jesse Cannon has been recording records since he was 15, when he started with a passion and recording records for the local punk bands he knew in exchange for Doritos and Snapple. Nearly 20 years later he is still at it and making great records with much nicer equipment. In 2000 he formed Cannon Found Soundation and began to amass gear and record bands in his own studio. During this time he has gotten the call to work under amazing producers like Ross Robinson, Steve Evetts, Alan Douches and Dean Rispler. He found himself working at esteemed establishments like WFMU and West West Side Music and freelancing at some of the worlds finest studios. He has also gotten the good fortune to work with countless amazing bands in a wide variety of genres. Throughout his life he has been passionate about being one of the most knowledgeable members of the recording community and in 2009 he began to publish Musformation.com and giving tips to bands on making the most of their music.

But.. pOny looks like a cartoon. What the heck is this?

pOny is an animated show in development by Radio Free Ruby aka Ruby Lawrence and her team of distinguished veterans in their respective fields including Doug Compton, Art Director, Kimson Albert, Director, Joseph Shahadi & Anthony DeVito, writers. Radio Fee Ruby is planning on pitching pOny to producers this fall, so stay tuned for more info on how the pilot is coming together. http://www.ponytheband.com

Who is this Radio Free Ruby chick?

Ruby Lawrence is a native New Yorker who’s story began on Sesame Street. Starting as a teen in the mid 80’s she frequented the infamous bars and clubs(both music and dance)of NYC into the 90’s. In 2001 she opened “Moe’s Bar” in Brooklyn which became the neighborhood’s “HQ” until it closed due an outrageous rent hike in 2011. About a year ago she had a “Screw this! I’m just going to do it!” moment and combined her top fives: Science Fiction, music, bad ass ladies, NYC and animation to create “pOny”. She also serves as the producer, lyric writer and the voice of “Odette” the lead singer.
pOny is the first project from her production company Radio Free Ruby
I’m interested in getting involved with pOny. Great! Contact producer & show creator Ruby Lawrence for more info radiofreeruby(at)gmail(dot)com.

From Sesame Street to Africa to Outer Space: Meet Ruby Lawrence CEO and Driving Force of Radio Free Ruby

Posted on September 26th, 2013

Announcing the Launch of Radio Free Ruby, creator of groundbreaking animated comedy pOny

Radio Free Ruby Inc. has launched, and with the advent of this spectacular news, comes their first project: pOny!

aboutEarlier this month the pOny team released their first single “Tell Me” which is available for free download on pOny’s brand new beta website (http://www.ponytheband.com). For complimentary download of this song, visit the site now.

pOny is an animated comedy series in development about an all-girl rock band from the 90’s that reunites in the present to steal a dimension-hopping time/space ship from their future selves … all while a shadowy organization closes in on them. (You know, THAT old story.)

Join the ladies of pOny (People Of New York) as they play gigs in other dimensions and alternate timelines, have adventures against their will and wreak lady-havoc across the multiverse. The show features original music inspired by their 90s heyday and lots of flashbacks to a New York City of yore when things were dirtier, creepier and a lot more fun. Josie and the Pussycats, Dr. Who and Absolutely Fabulous walk into an East Village bar…and a groundbreaking new show is born. pOny is for geeks, freaks, rockers, nerds, burnouts, fanboys, feminists, punks, drunks, lunks and grown-ups of all genders. Join them as they boldly go where no cartoon has ever gone before!

So what are people asking us? Who the heck came up with this brilliant idea?

Radio Free Ruby, a brand spankin new production company headed up by innovator Ruby Lawrence, that’s who!

Ruby LawrenceHere’s a little more about our pal Ruby. About a year ago she had a “Screw this! I’m just going to do it!” moment and combined her top fives: Science Fiction, music, bad-ass ladies, NYC and animation to create “pOny”. She also serves as the producer, main lyric writer and the voice of “Odette”, pOny’s lead singer.

But she’s no stranger to the entertainment industry. In fact, her story starts on Sesame Street where she was a regular kid on the series from 1976-79. She then went on to become a theater major at the infamous “Fame School” also known as LaGuardia HS in NYC. After attending Temple University she went on to a career behind the scenes as a production manager in film and television. In 1999 she became the site manager at pseudo.com, which pioneered Internet television and reality show programming, as we know it today. At the same time she co- produced, wrote and starred in “THRUSH TV” an absurdist comedy public access show that dealt with the issues of: Vigilante hippies, boredom induced comas and the bullying of half monkey/half humans. Starting as a teen in the mid 80’s she frequented the infamous bars and clubs (both music and dance) of NYC into the 90’s. Which inspired her to open “Moe’s Bar” in Brooklyn in 2001, which became the neighborhood’s “HQ” until it closed due an outrageous rent hike in 2011.

During her tenure at Moe’s she volunteered with All Stars Projects in NYC, Rachel’s Development Programme in Kenya, The International Women’s Colloquium in Liberia and Women for Women International in Rwanda and the DRC.

pOny is the inaugural project of Radio Free Ruby, Ruby’s production company. Next up is a collaboration with NYC street artist Paul Saint Savage a/k/a Angry Eel on children’s book titled “Subways and Sidewalks”. With notebooks filled with ideas and an address book teeming with artists, this is just the beginning for this innovator in the entertainment industry.

Photos, interviews and additional information available upon request.